Hyper Hippo Productions has not given Unreleased Units an official name. The name given to Unreleased Units will be changed as soon as a name has been given.

Unreleased Units are unseen units that were found within .asset files of Mech Mice Tactics. They are expected to be released within later chapters or seasons of the game. Some units were previously seen in screenshots and concept art by Hyper Hippo Productions, others were unknown until recently. Currently, all unreleased units were only found in Mech Mice Tactics, as they do not play a major role in Mech Mice Academy.

Units Edit

Unit Name Game File Name Picture
Bazooka Grunt Unit Tactics • mm_unit_BazookaA01/C_body_0_geo.obj

• mm_unit_BazookaA01/C_prop_0_geo.obj

Shield Grunt Unit Tactics • GRTC_0:game:game:C_body_0_geo.obj

• GPST_0:game:game:C_prop_0_geo.obj
• GSHD_0:game:game:C_prop_0_geo.obj

Prowler Bug Tactics • game:game:DU_BugSmAProwler01.obj

• game:game:DU_BugSmAProwler02.obj

Scavenger Bug Tactics • game:game:DU_BugSmAScavenger01.obj
Repair Bug Tactics • game:game:DU_BugSmARepair01.obj

• game:game:DU_BugSmARepair02.obj

Boss Bug Tactics • BSRA_0:game:game:DU_Char_BossRepairA.obj
Restored Queen Termina Tactics • QNTA_0:game:game:DU_Char_QueenC_01.obj
• QNTA_0:game:game:DU_Char_QueenC_02.obj
• QNTA_0:game:game:DU_Char_QueenC_04.obj
• QNTA_0:game:game:DU_Char_QueenC_06.obj
• QNTA_0:game:game:DU_Char_QueenC_07.obj

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