This article contains content about something or someone who is no longer directly affiliated with or within Mech Mice.

The Mech Mice Shop is a discontinued online store in Mech Mice Tactics. The Store had Chapters for sale for $7.99, and Store Units for $2.99 per unit. In an effort to boost sales, most likely due to no one purchasing them, they put the Store Units on sale for 66% off and added the Ultimate Squad Bundle, which included All Store Units and Chapter Two for $6.99. The Mech Mice Shop was discontinued after the Mech Mice Tactics update most likely due to lack of sales.

Store ItemsEdit

  • Units
    • Turner - Dragoon, $2.99 (Released October 8, 2013)
    • Petra - Medic, $2.99 (Released October 8, 2013)
    • Lefty - Grenadier, $2.99 (Released October 8, 2013)
  • Chapters
    • Season One: Chapter 2, $7.99 (Released October 8, 2013)
    • Season One: Chapter 3, $7.99 (Unrealeased)
  • Founder's Program - $14.99 (Available from July 9, 2013 to October 7, 2013)
  • Ultimate Squad Bundle - $6.99 (Released at an unknown time)


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