The war fought in Season One did not start in Burntleaf. It began long ago, in a place called Rustroot…


The Dryseed Deadlands are a barren wasteland on the north-eastern edge of Roden. A desolate and forsaken territory, it was once the location of the great Rustroot Burrow – one of the most prosperous mouse colonies in history. All of that changed when a former leader of the Mech Mice did the unthinkable and removed the Rustroot Shard, claiming it for a sinister secret group that called themselves the Dark Union. The Rustroot Burrow was annihilated, the lands fell to ruin, and the first War of the Shards began. Dryseed remains a painful reminder of what happens when a Shard is removed from where it belongs.

Any mouse having trouble understanding WHY we need the Mech Mice should take a jolly stroll through Dryseed. THAT’S where you’ll see the price of not standing up for what’s right!
— General Black

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